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Commercial Roof Maintenance in Columbus, Ohio

Commercial properties throughout Columbus, Ohio, from Grove City to Hilliard and Dublin to Powell and Reynoldsburg require experienced roof maintenance companies to help prolong the life and reliability of their roofing systems. This is essential to provide a safe and comfortable environment for both staff and customers, with a leak-free roof that doesn’t disrupt your operations. 

ZCI General Contracting offers comprehensive commercial roof maintenance and repair as the smarter, more cost-effective approach that avoids commercial roof leaks and the necessity for high-cost repair bills. By addressing little issues twice a year, you save money and time for complete peace of mind.

Our Commercial Roof Maintenance Plans

Regular maintenance is essential to prolong the life of your commercial roof. We provide comprehensive maintenance services, including roof cleaning, debris removal, and repairs. 

This might not sound like much, but these simple steps go a long way in preventing:

  • Serious damage that leads to leaks
  • Water damage in the interior of your business
  • Expensive issues related to water damage, including mold that can make customers and employees sick
  • Serious structural issues that can increase the risk of structural damage and roof collapse

Commercial Flat Roof Maintenance Tips

The most important tip is to invest in regular inspections twice a year to find signs of degradation and take care of them promptly. 

However, other tips include:

  • Clearing away debris regularly to prevent clogs and water accumulation
  • Addressing leaks and water pooling right away
  • Applying regular roof coating and waterproofing materials to improve durability
  • Arranging for snow and ice removal to reduce weight and strain on your roof structure
  • Maintaining a record of your maintenance activities for insurance purposes and to ensure you don’t miss critical deadlines
  • Maintaining the trees and bushes on your property
  • Applying UV-protective coatings or membranes to protect against the damaging rays of the sun
  • Limiting access to your roof to reduce damaging foot traffic
  • Inspections following extreme weather events
  • Including roof maintenance in your budget

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How often should a commercial roof be inspected?

    We recommend professional inspections twice a year, typically in the spring and fall, as well as after severe weather events. This will ensure your roof is sound and identify damage so repairs can be made before the damage becomes more serious, not to mention more costly.

  • Can I perform roof maintenance tasks myself?

    Although you can perform your own maintenance tasks, it can be dangerous to climb up on larger buildings, even if they are only a story or two. It is also possible you can cause more harm than good, such as removing protective coatings by cleaning or dragging debris across the surface. We say it is something best left to professionals to maintain the integrity of your roof and avoid costly accidents that can lead to liabilities.

  • What does a commercial roof maintenance plan typically include?

    A good commercial roof maintenance plan like ours includes:

    • A thorough inspection
    • Cleaning
    • Removal of debris
    • Gutter cleaning
    • Minor repairs, such as applying sealants to cracks
  • What are the signs that my commercial roof needs maintenance?

    There are several signs that indicate your roof needs maintenance, including:

    • Visible damage, such as lifting metal or blistering and peeling of a flat roof
    • Water stains on your ceiling that indicate roof leaks
    • Pooling water on the roof
    • Increased energy bills that could indicate water damage to insulation
    • Moldy smells
    • Discoloration in interior walls, such as rust
    • Damaged eavestroughs
    • Icicles in the winter
  • What are the consequences of neglecting commercial roof maintenance?

    Maintenance neglect can lead to a whole list of woes that can cost you money over time, including:

    • Slow leaks that cause mold growth
    • Algae and vegetation growth related to debris and water on the roof
    • Structural damage related to water-damaged beams
    • Premature roof failure causing serious injury and damage
    • Decreasing the value of your commercial property
    • Possibly keeping customers and skilled employees away who feel your building is unpresentable or unsafe
  • How does weather affect my commercial roof and its maintenance needs?

    Ohio weather takes its toll on your commercial roof, from the UV rays and heat of the sun in the summer to extreme rainstorms and heavy winds in the spring and from heavy snowfalls in the winter to fluctuating temperatures all year round. The older your roof and the less effort invested in repairs and maintenance, the more vulnerable your roof is to weather related damage. Other weather-related factors include having mature trees with loose branches on the property that can fall on your roof in high winds and having full sun exposure.

  • Why is regular maintenance important for a commercial roof?

    Regular commercial roof maintenance extends your roof's lifespan, prevents serious leaks that can lead to structural damage, and saves money on costly repairs both to the exterior and interior of your building. Although it might seem you are wasting money with maintenance twice a year, it will save money in the long run. You can protect the value of your commercial property and your business assets.

More Common Questions

Commercial Metal Roof Maintenance Tips

These tips will help avoid common problems that can cause leaks in metal roofs:

  • Arrange for roof inspections in the spring and fall to address issues before they become serious
  • If you suspect a roof leak, have your metal roof inspected right away to find the issue and repair it before it causes water and structural damage
  • Consider a snow removal service after heavy snowfall to relieve the weight and protect your roof’s beams
  • Remove debris following a severe weather event as well as intermittently to avoid organic matter build-up that can catch seeds and promote the growth of algae and mold
  • Maintain your trees, bushes, and shrubs to avoid contact with your roof that can scratch the protective paint coating and cause rust and corrosion

Areas We Serve

ZCI offers commercial roof maintenance for businesses throughout Columbus, including Grove City, Hilliard, Dublin, Powell, and Reynoldsburg. You can trust our comprehensive commercial roof maintenance programs to address the specific needs of your location and roof type and address common commercial roofing issues to help prolong the life of your roof.

If you own a commercial building or business in Columbus, Ohio, you want to reduce operational costs and protect property value with a comprehensive commercial roof maintenance plan. Call the experts at ZCI at (937) 858-1422.

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